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[AUTHORS NOTE 2016 – Well, safe to say time has well and truly taken its toll on the ol’ blog log since this update and this is quite outdated…take it all with a grain of salt and note that I’ve moved the hyperlinks to more fun locations in the absence of real content) 

Well give me a ring and call me Frodo, Blog Log is back baby! It feels like only yesterday we were all cringing at the terribly-wonderful Lord of the Rings/Hobbit references we have come to know and love about blog log, ahh the memories. Seriously though it’s been nearly six months since its last installment! Whaaaaaaaaat!

So what has happened to Write and Day in that six months? Well, we have now officially moved over to (WOOOHOOO! Check out that sweet domain name hey?!) which was a highly technical and way-too-computery process for anyone to handle, but hey got there in the end. And it is seriously exciting! I feel like a proud parent sending their child off to high-school – MY BABY’S ALL GROWN UP WITH IT’S OWN .COM!….too much? maybe.

Also, if you haven’t noticed already someone’s done a bit of fiddling with the banner… Anywho, while on the super-duper high-tech upgrading train, Write and Day is also on twitter! Shoot us a tweet @writeandday – I’m always finding some random fun fact-ish things on there to share with you guys (in 140 characters or less).

So yes, Write and Day is here just chugging away nicely, doing it’s own thing as per usual. Oh and before I forget! A big shoutout to all of the new followers who have jumped on the Write and Day bandwagon since the last blog log, for I would rather share one blog post with you than face all the Ages of this WordPress alone …okay, I’ll give Tolkein the credit for that one but welcome aboard nonetheless.


The Selfie That Stopped The World


Ellen, you have done it again. I think we all know which photo I am talking about here (see above), but if you have completely escaped the Twitter-sphere in the past few days, I’m more than happy to fill you in. 

At this years Oscars, comedic genius Ellen DeGeneres managed to get amongst the stars to take, what would ultimately become, the most retweeted photo of all time. First it was just Ellen and Meryl, until celebs from all different films, got up to get in on the action. Ultimately, the star studded selfie was posted with no less than twelve A-listers huddled together, having a great time.

Commence twitter overload in 3…2…1….

Seen by an audience of over 8,000,000 people on twitter, the selfie was retweeted over 15,000 times in the first few minutes of hitting the web. By early the next morning, the photo had been retweeted some 2,000,000 times, and in total over the last few days, the count has ticked over three million retweets.  It took less than an hour for the image to shut down twitter, quite an incredible feat really.

But it doesn’t stop there. Since it’s upload, the photo has also had the Simpsons treatment, and a remake in Lego as well. Not to mention being plastered across every social media platform the world over. 


Imagine if next years host tries to top this selfie by taking one with a whole new bunch of celebs… What if taking a selfie and breaking twitter became an annual Oscars tradition? What if getting into the annual Oscars selfie became the highest accolade one could achieve at the Oscars? Soon enough we will see celebrities walking out of Dolby Theatre saying, “Well, I didn’t win, but it doesn’t matter because I was in the selfie!”

My bet on who will feature in next years photo?  Well, I think they should at least let Leo into it considering he is still Oscar-less.