Grand Return and Life Musings

So here we are, bet you never thought this day was coming hey? I’ve been taking “long time, no blog” to the next level. I could’ve easily let this roll around to the two year silence but that just isn’t my style…one year eight months is pretty perfect.

Now you’re probably all wondering why I haven’t been on here – what could I have possibly been doing for this length of time to have warranted such actions? I realise I’ve left you all hanging and being the dedicated and unwavering audience that you are I think it’s only fair I explain myself properly. No doubt you have all waited patiently, checking every day without fail to see if Write and Day was back in the stratosphere and finally after all this time the silence is broken. The truth is, I was writing a detailed and all-encompassing biography on the longevity of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage. That uh…fell through. Anyway I’m back!

What else have I done in that nearly two years? I was going to give you a day-by-day run through but I changed my mind at about day 423 so I’ll just sum it up briefly – I did some study, read a book or two, discovered I enjoy pickles, saved some money, spent some money, drank wine, laughed a lot, cried a little, got a tattoo (small, modest, meaningful), tried learning chess (still haven’t won a game but I’ll keep you updated), didn’t get stung by any bees, and ticked off a couple of bucket listings along the way.

I’ve even gone M.I.A. on you all before but that was just for a mere month! A MONTH! I even wrote a whole blog post apologising for my rude and lengthy disappearance (To read that post click here, but not here). If only I’d known what was coming, I’d have given myself an aneurysm.

Anywho, there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to chat about other than getting something out there into the big bad blogging world so this is pretty much the end of this post. Short and sweet seems a good way to go at this point.

Who knows maybe you’ll hear from me tomorrow (probably not), maybe I’ll be back next week (probably not). Either way I will be back so stay tuned.

I don’t know about you but 2018 is feeling like a good year for the old blog…

Stay zesty,

Write and Day

(Authors Note: I’ve never signed off any of these blogs before and I don’t know why I did it that time but I kind of like the jazziness of it so I’m going to leave it there just this once). 




I certainly have a tendency of stumbling across great treasures when scrolling around the internet looking for bloggy inspiration (and it seems you do too considering you are here…eh? eh?… Sorry). And not to exaggerate but what I am about to reveal to you is possibly the best website ever created in the history of “www.” You might have already guessed it if you picked up on the quote as the title of this post, but if you didn’t, and are still a bit confused wondering who on Earth Max is, then I will spill the beans. It is none other than…(insert drumroll)…the Jim Carrey Official Website.


Now you might be thinking, come on Write and Day you can surely do better than that. But believe me when I say, you are in for the ride of your life.

From the Grinch toasters, to singing snails and dancing moose, clicking around on this website is the most bizarre experience. And it has quickly become both my most and least favourite website (other than the one you are reading this on of course). My favourite because it’s just legendary. My least favourite because it’s just a little, how do I put this, unsettling? It’s like when you see someone running through a busy city street and at first you’re thinking “Wahoo you go guy!” but your next thought is, “Wait, what are you running from…should I be worried?”. I’m not sure if that really describes it but nevertheless I have spent far too long fiddling around on there (Click on the hot air balloon).

Heaps of fun. A little odd. I love it. Way to go Jim.

Check it out for yourself –

P.S. Max is the pet dog. Just in case you still needed that cleared up.


15 LAST Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

Alright, we have hit the trifecta, here is the third instalment of this little mini series.

Read the first two 15TYDREEDT here (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue does it?)

15 Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

15 MORE Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

Here’s the list!

  1. Thinking that the 90’s were 10 years ago…
  2. Knowing that Sunday nights are way more depressing than Monday mornings
  3. Immediately forgetting someones name right after they introduce themselves
  4. Rehearsing arguments in your mind just in case it should ever come up
  5. Stopping at traffic lights and making that awkward eye contact with drivers around you
  6. Being at the cinemas when the cashier says “Enjoy the movie!” and replying “You too!” and just wanting to evaporate into thin air
  7. Saying you are ‘on your way’ when you haven’t even left the house yet
  8. Going to the fridge looking for something to eat, realising there isn’t anything, and going back a minute later just to check again
  9. Using the word ‘etc’ to make others think you know more than you really do
  10. Running to answer the phone and having it stop ringing just as you pick it up
  11. In the new year it takes about two months to start writing the correct year on anything
  12. Facebook stalking
  13. You would rather carry 12 shopping bags in each hand than have to take two trips
  14. Playing it cool when you realise you are walking in the wrong direction and have to turn around
  15. Seeing someone trying to play it cool when they turn around and walk the other way, but knowing they just realised they were walking in the wrong direction