On Procrastinating


There are many different forms of procrastination, all highly effective in the art of putting off doing something instead of actually doing it. I have compiled an extensive list for your convenience below – 

PROCRASTIBAKING – Baking something instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTICLEANING – Cleaning everything (twice) instead of dong what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTIFREAKING – Panicking about all the things you should be doing while at the same time not doing them

PROCRASTILISTING – Making lists of what you have to do instead of doing them

PROCRASTISLEEPING – Naps are important for keeping the mind active…and not doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTISNACKING – Eating something because you need fuel to be doing what you are supposed to be doing instead of actually doing it

PROCRASTIRUNNING – Because going for a jog will help to clear your head and prepare you to do what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTISHARING – Taking a photo of yourself pretending to do what you are supposed to be doing and posting it online in an effort to make other people think you are actually doing it

PROCRASTISCROLLING – Scrolling through your social media instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing (are most likely coming across evidence of procrastisharing, see above)

PROCRASTIWATCHING – Watching that one last episode instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTIBLOGGING – Blogging about something instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing (Example A….this post)

PROCRASTIREADING – Reading this blog post instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTITHONNING – Doing all of these things in a marathon type fashion, instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing


15 LAST Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

Alright, we have hit the trifecta, here is the third instalment of this little mini series.

Read the first two 15TYDREEDT here (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue does it?)

15 Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

15 MORE Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

Here’s the list!

  1. Thinking that the 90’s were 10 years ago…
  2. Knowing that Sunday nights are way more depressing than Monday mornings
  3. Immediately forgetting someones name right after they introduce themselves
  4. Rehearsing arguments in your mind just in case it should ever come up
  5. Stopping at traffic lights and making that awkward eye contact with drivers around you
  6. Being at the cinemas when the cashier says “Enjoy the movie!” and replying “You too!” and just wanting to evaporate into thin air
  7. Saying you are ‘on your way’ when you haven’t even left the house yet
  8. Going to the fridge looking for something to eat, realising there isn’t anything, and going back a minute later just to check again
  9. Using the word ‘etc’ to make others think you know more than you really do
  10. Running to answer the phone and having it stop ringing just as you pick it up
  11. In the new year it takes about two months to start writing the correct year on anything
  12. Facebook stalking
  13. You would rather carry 12 shopping bags in each hand than have to take two trips
  14. Playing it cool when you realise you are walking in the wrong direction and have to turn around
  15. Seeing someone trying to play it cool when they turn around and walk the other way, but knowing they just realised they were walking in the wrong direction


15 MORE Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

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  1. Ringing someone’s Home phone and asking “Are you home?”
  2. Plotting how you would go about committing a certain crime you would never ever commit in real life 
  3. Getting unnaturally nervous around police even though you have nothing to hide
  4. Not replying to a text, then eventually sending something hours later and saying ‘I didn’t realise my text didn’t send!’
  5. Listening to music on public transport and being paranoid that your headphones aren’t plugged in and really everyone can hear it
  6. Taking a peek above your 3D glasses at the cinemas just to see the difference
  7. Saying goodbye to someone then realising you are walking in the same direction
  8. Looking everywhere for your hat or glasses before realising you are already wearing them
  9. Running away when you press a toy in a store and it starts singing
  10. Being paranoid about losing your boarding pass in the 100m from security to the gate
  11. Not hearing what someone says, so just laughing and hoping it wasn’t a question
  12. Checking to see if the oven has heated up and realising you never turned it on in the first place
  13. Saying a word over and over again and suddenly realising it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore
  14. Never starting off the applaud at the end of a speech because you are afraid no one else will join in
  15. Starting off an applaud at the end of a speech and secretly being really proud of it


15 Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

What follows is a list of those things you know you do in your daily life, but you didn’t realise that everyone else actually does them too (usually without admitting it). 

  1. Looking at your watch for the time, and looking at it again a few seconds later because you didn’t actually read it the first time
  2. Walking around the house aimlessly as you talk on the phone
  3. Singing the alphabet song in your head really quickly when you need to find out which letter comes after another
  4. Claiming to have read books when you have only actually read the wikipedia synopsis
  5. Taking a nap at random times, waking up and not knowing what day it is
  6. Googling yourself
  7. Pretending to be on the phone to avoid awkward situations
  8. Walking out of a shop without buying anything, and becoming paranoid that the security thinks you are shoplifting
  9. Listening to way funkier music than you ever let on (I admitted this particular note in my last post – read it here)
  10. Setting your alarm to 6:01am because that sounds so much better than 6:00am
  11. Stopping the microwave one second before it finishes to avoid hearing it beep at you
  12. Putting your music on shuffle but skipping until you get to the song you want anyway
  13. Doing that little dance in the mirror while trying clothes on in a store to see how comfy they really are
  14. Coincidentally driving behind someone for a really long time because you happen to be going the same way, and desperately hoping they don’t think you’re a stalker
  15. Coincidentally having someone drive behind you for a really long time because you happen to be going the same way, and thinking that they are a stalker. 

The Post With Two Parts (Part Two)

If you haven’t read the first part of this post, check it out here 

The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle with Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the Professor and Mary Ann, here on Gilligan’s Isle…

So, which three items would I take with me to the deserted island?

Well, this would definitely depend on the circumstances I find myself in. I know I’m on a deserted island but the big question is whether I can escape or not. Because if I could give escaping a red-hot go then of course I would be planning my grand departure and bring items accordingly. However, If there was no possibility of escape and I was looking at my new island home, then I would bring items for the long term. So I have compiled two lists…

The ‘Grand Escape’ scenario – 

  1. Books – I’d have to go with the classics: Dickens, Austen, oh and a ‘Raft Building 101’ wouldn’t go astray either.
  2. Water – I assume that my grand escape somewhere includes floating on a raft to civilisation, so fresh water is a must.
  3. Rope – Definitely a necessity in the raft building department. 

The ‘New Island Home’ scenario – 

  1. Rope – Also a necessity in the home building department.
  2. Mirror – No, not to check my hairdo, although that is a handy bonus. Starting fires was the main idea (I decided against matches because they eventually run out, but a mirror against the sun never stops working).
  3. Ukulele – I can just picture myself relaxing of an afternoon, strumming a few nice tunes. Not that I can play the ukulele but I figure I would still be the best ukulele player on the island. Who knows, maybe I could even master the Fresh Prince theme song…


To Do List

1. Write a blog post

I am one of those people who write lists. Not every day. Not that often at all, but when I am really stressing out, I write a list of what I have to do. Let’s say that I might write a list once a week. I am a reoccurring list writer. I don’t know why I am trying to define how often I write lists.

Let’s just say that now and then I write a to-do list.

However, I have come to realise that my lists aren’t that practical. It might even be better to call them a ‘to-done’ list. I say this mainly for three reasons:

1. I have a tendency to put down things I have already done just so I can check them off.
2. I write down about 100 things, then as I come to realise I am never going to get those things done, start checking them off just because I know they won’t happen anyway.
3. I never really finish one of my lists. I seem to forget that I have made it and just do things as I remember them, and end up throwing out the list.

So, I think what we have established today is that I am possibly the most dedicated and equally worst to-do list writer on the planet.

I also just noticed that in my post about lists, I managed to have two lists. I think that’s quite a skill of my subconscious really. Or not….

No, it’s not.