Like, Whatever, You Know?

I stumbled across this video the other day, and I can’t quite remember how I found it but I am certainly glad that I did. This is just fantastic. Like, totally, check it out –


You Can’t Handle The Truth!…Or Maybe You Can

What was that Bruce Wayne quote, the people deserve the truth? Or was that Alfred? Anyway, I’ve decided to come clean.

Just recently I was reading over a couple of my older posts, not for any particular reason, and as I was scrolling down the page I accidentally clicked like on one of the posts. On one of my own posts. To be specific I liked Life Typos. And in a moment of despair I was about to unclick the like button when something in the back of my mind stopped me. And I let my hand hover there. And I just thought about it for a moment…

No one would ever know (unless I write an entire post about it).

No one looks at who likes what anyway.

I could just…leave it there.

I could just…like it.

The worst part was it came up in my notifications and everything, “Write and Day liked your post”. Oh the shame. It was like a permanent thing, as if it couldn’t be undone even if it was. That notification wasn’t going anywhere whether I unchecked or not. Just as a constant reminder of my mistake. 

I’m not an expert on blogging etiquette, but if liking your own posts is anything like real life, I think I gave myself a virtual high five. But you know what? I’m not ashamed of it. Not to say I am going to start liking all of my own posts but you know, I accidentally liked one of my own posts and I’m going to roll with that. Make lemonade from lemons as they say. 

Yes I did the unthinkable. I left it there. I let that Write and Day post be liked by Write and Day, just as a gesture of, ‘Hey I did like reading that post, so what does it matter if I wrote it as well?’

So exile me from the blogosphere but that bad boy is staying liked. It is what it is, and I am whatever Gotham needs me to be.

Okay, that last bit was Bruce again.