You would have all guessed by now my love for fun facts (as seen in Fun Facts for You and various other posts) and my love for poet and TedTalker extraordinaire Rives (as seen in The 4am Mystery). So put those two together and you are looking at just about my favourite YouTube clip on the entire internet. And of course I just had to share it with you all, so prepare yourself for a motherload of fun facts you probably didn’t know (and your Dad probably doesn’t know) in 10 minutes of pure brilliance. Give it a watch –

And there we have it….Chimborazo.


Fun Facts For You

Did you know that the most Googled question of 2013 was “What is twerking?”. It’s a little sad isn’t it? That of all the people on this Earth with access to Google, of all the brilliant minds teeming with curiosity and knowledge, the one thing that collectively we wanted to know most, of everything there is to know, is what twerking is.

Considering we are in December, and around now is the time when people look back on their New Year’s resolutions and smile in wonderous awe at how on earth they thought that diet was going to work, I figure I’ll share with you one of mine – “To learn more about the world and the people in it”. And honestly I think I have achieved that, so in my own special ‘up yours’ to twerking I’m going to share with you some fun facts about the world (and the people in it).

  1. If the whole population of China were to walk past you in a single file line, it would take about 30 years (considering the rate of reproduction etc).
  1. The Apple Iphone is the second best-selling product of all time after (any last minute guesses?….) the Rubik’s cube.
  1. It takes a photon 200,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to its surface, then just a little over 8 minutes from the sun’s surface to your eyeball.
  1. Cleopatra lived closer to the time of the first moon landing than the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. (Yep I did my fact checking on this one – Cleopatra was born 69BC, 2,515 years after the pyramids were built and 2,038 years before the moon landing).
  1. Dr. Seuss wrote the book ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to win a bet against his publisher who thought he couldn’t complete a book with only 50 words.

Now if these don’t get you Googling something more worthwhile than what twerking is then I don’t know what will.

Train Station Musings #1

To the lady sitting next to me at the train station,

I can tell what you are thinking about me. You’re probably thinking – what is that crazy person writing about me? I can assure you it’s nothing out of the ordinary. That’s a lie. It’s just a little out of the ordinary. It wouldn’t be if you hadn’t oddly decided to sit so close to me. I mean, you are far enough away not to be weird, but close enough to be…curious. It’s just considering the array of empty seats around us. I probably shouldn’t be jotting this down – I wouldn’t be surprised if you could read it.

Okay, so you could read it. I’m sorry for making you slide down the bench a little.

Can I just say that that scarf you are wearing is possibly the most fashionable thing I have ever seen? Okay, that’s a lie too. Maybe I’m just trying to make you feel better in case you can still read this. You must have very good eyesight, my handwriting is quite scrawly at the best of times, and from that previous distance whoa thats not bad.

Anyway, you shall forever be that person who I possibly offended a little in the train station. If you knew me, you would realise that certainly wasn’t my intention. I just tend to let my mind wander without realising it sometimes. And it’s an old habit to write about my minds wanderings (a habit I have turned into a blog actually – you should read it, I’ll probably end up posting this one).

Well you have taught me an important lesson anyway. Practice better handwriting. No I’m just kidding, the lesson is to not let my mind wander to the people around me when writing in a public place.

For the sake of any further embarrassment to me I really hope you don’t get on my train. With my luck you would turn out to be my neighbour or something.

Kind Regards,

Write and Day


Good Thinking 99


I was scrolling through my WordPress reader today and just happened to stumble across the Daily Prompt. Now, I’m usually not too intrigued by the Daily Prompt but this one really got me thinking.

What skills would you love to learn?

So after a great deal of um-ing and ah-ing I finally came up with an answer. If I was to learn a new skill, it would have to be something to make me look a bit more, ahem, badass. To be honest the only real skill I possess right now is being able to solve a Rubik’s cube  50% 80% of the time. Not a really useful skill (is that even classified as a skill?) and is definitely not adding to my overall badassery. I think one skill that would be really cool to learn is being a spy. A top secret, classified information, talk-into-a-shoe-phone kind of spy.

Then again, for an average, everyday blogger like me, having a spy-like skill set isn’t really useful either considering I have nothing to spy on. But if you think about it, just the fact that you are a spy, without the actual spying, is still pretty cool in anyones books. Not that anyone would know you are a spy, because if they did then you wouldn’t really be a spy…would you?

Maybe I just should’ve stuck with learning to change a tyre…to my Astin Martin DB5.

This post will self-destruct in five seconds.

Good Luck Readers. 

P.S. Here is the link to the original Daily Prompt –