Grand Return and Life Musings

So here we are, bet you never thought this day was coming hey? I’ve been taking “long time, no blog” to the next level. I could’ve easily let this roll around to the two year silence but that just isn’t my style…one year eight months is pretty perfect.

Now you’re probably all wondering why I haven’t been on here – what could I have possibly been doing for this length of time to have warranted such actions? I realise I’ve left you all hanging and being the dedicated and unwavering audience that you are I think it’s only fair I explain myself properly. No doubt you have all waited patiently, checking every day without fail to see if Write and Day was back in the stratosphere and finally after all this time the silence is broken. The truth is, I was writing a detailed and all-encompassing biography on the longevity of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage. That uh…fell through. Anyway I’m back!

What else have I done in that nearly two years? I was going to give you a day-by-day run through but I changed my mind at about day 423 so I’ll just sum it up briefly – I did some study, read a book or two, discovered I enjoy pickles, saved some money, spent some money, drank wine, laughed a lot, cried a little, got a tattoo (small, modest, meaningful), tried learning chess (still haven’t won a game but I’ll keep you updated), didn’t get stung by any bees, and ticked off a couple of bucket listings along the way.

I’ve even gone M.I.A. on you all before but that was just for a mere month! A MONTH! I even wrote a whole blog post apologising for my rude and lengthy disappearance (To read that post click here, but not here). If only I’d known what was coming, I’d have given myself an aneurysm.

Anywho, there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to chat about other than getting something out there into the big bad blogging world so this is pretty much the end of this post. Short and sweet seems a good way to go at this point.

Who knows maybe you’ll hear from me tomorrow (probably not), maybe I’ll be back next week (probably not). Either way I will be back so stay tuned.

I don’t know about you but 2018 is feeling like a good year for the old blog…

Stay zesty,

Write and Day

(Authors Note: I’ve never signed off any of these blogs before and I don’t know why I did it that time but I kind of like the jazziness of it so I’m going to leave it there just this once). 



15 MORE Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

Read the original ’15 Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too’ here

  1. Ringing someone’s Home phone and asking “Are you home?”
  2. Plotting how you would go about committing a certain crime you would never ever commit in real life 
  3. Getting unnaturally nervous around police even though you have nothing to hide
  4. Not replying to a text, then eventually sending something hours later and saying ‘I didn’t realise my text didn’t send!’
  5. Listening to music on public transport and being paranoid that your headphones aren’t plugged in and really everyone can hear it
  6. Taking a peek above your 3D glasses at the cinemas just to see the difference
  7. Saying goodbye to someone then realising you are walking in the same direction
  8. Looking everywhere for your hat or glasses before realising you are already wearing them
  9. Running away when you press a toy in a store and it starts singing
  10. Being paranoid about losing your boarding pass in the 100m from security to the gate
  11. Not hearing what someone says, so just laughing and hoping it wasn’t a question
  12. Checking to see if the oven has heated up and realising you never turned it on in the first place
  13. Saying a word over and over again and suddenly realising it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore
  14. Never starting off the applaud at the end of a speech because you are afraid no one else will join in
  15. Starting off an applaud at the end of a speech and secretly being really proud of it


15 Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

What follows is a list of those things you know you do in your daily life, but you didn’t realise that everyone else actually does them too (usually without admitting it). 

  1. Looking at your watch for the time, and looking at it again a few seconds later because you didn’t actually read it the first time
  2. Walking around the house aimlessly as you talk on the phone
  3. Singing the alphabet song in your head really quickly when you need to find out which letter comes after another
  4. Claiming to have read books when you have only actually read the wikipedia synopsis
  5. Taking a nap at random times, waking up and not knowing what day it is
  6. Googling yourself
  7. Pretending to be on the phone to avoid awkward situations
  8. Walking out of a shop without buying anything, and becoming paranoid that the security thinks you are shoplifting
  9. Listening to way funkier music than you ever let on (I admitted this particular note in my last post – read it here)
  10. Setting your alarm to 6:01am because that sounds so much better than 6:00am
  11. Stopping the microwave one second before it finishes to avoid hearing it beep at you
  12. Putting your music on shuffle but skipping until you get to the song you want anyway
  13. Doing that little dance in the mirror while trying clothes on in a store to see how comfy they really are
  14. Coincidentally driving behind someone for a really long time because you happen to be going the same way, and desperately hoping they don’t think you’re a stalker
  15. Coincidentally having someone drive behind you for a really long time because you happen to be going the same way, and thinking that they are a stalker.