Good Thinking 99


I was scrolling through my WordPress reader today and just happened to stumble across the Daily Prompt. Now, I’m usually not too intrigued by the Daily Prompt but this one really got me thinking.

What skills would you love to learn?

So after a great deal of um-ing and ah-ing I finally came up with an answer. If I was to learn a new skill, it would have to be something to make me look a bit more, ahem, badass. To be honest the only real skill I possess right now is being able to solve a Rubik’s cube  50% 80% of the time. Not a really useful skill (is that even classified as a skill?) and is definitely not adding to my overall badassery. I think one skill that would be really cool to learn is being a spy. A top secret, classified information, talk-into-a-shoe-phone kind of spy.

Then again, for an average, everyday blogger like me, having a spy-like skill set isn’t really useful either considering I have nothing to spy on. But if you think about it, just the fact that you are a spy, without the actual spying, is still pretty cool in anyones books. Not that anyone would know you are a spy, because if they did then you wouldn’t really be a spy…would you?

Maybe I just should’ve stuck with learning to change a tyre…to my Astin Martin DB5.

This post will self-destruct in five seconds.

Good Luck Readers. 

P.S. Here is the link to the original Daily Prompt –



Where’s Waldo – A Write and Day Challenge


Today dear readers I set you a challenge, a challenge of cleverness, elusion, and beautifully striped sweaters.

Imagine this…

You are Waldo, from the classic children’s books ‘Where’s Waldo’ and there is someone using a completely live ‘Google Earth’ technology (or something of the like) to look for you. You can go anywhere, do anything and note that money isn’t an issue. Where would you hide? (Keep in mind you are wearing that perfectly subtle fashion masterpiece of red and white).

I am going to admit I have been thinking about this for far too long, but I believe I have finally come up with an answer….an elaborate plan if you will.

As Edgar Allan Poe once suggested, the best place to hide is in plain sight. So, I have decided to run with that thought and say I would wander around in the middle of an open field.  I know what you’re thinking….that’s possibly the worst plan ever. But you haven’t heard the most important detail. Before I stood in the field, I would hire thousands of other people to dress exactly like Waldo too, and wander aimlessly in the field with me. An army of Waldo’s! Aha! It would be a matter of finding a needle in a perfectly striped haystack.

A masterstroke, yes? Nevertheless I gladly pass the challenge on to you dearest reader, where would you hide? It may seem like a completely pointless exercise but alas you never know when you will have to become a Waldo master of disguise…

Probably never.

P.S. I saw the ‘Can’t Get It Out Of My Head’ Daily Post and thought, ‘Why yes, there is something I can’t get out of my head lately’ which ultimately inspired this post. You can see the original daily post here

Trevi, We Have A Problem

Now, before I start I just want to add that I am all for the coins-in-the-fountain-then-make-a-wish routine. And in no way am I saying that I do not want to visit Trevi Fountain and toss a coin in, in fact I do believe I mentioned my complete aspiration to do so on my “Around the World in Eighty Words” post. However, I do have to speak up for those of us out there who do not have direct access to this famous fountain, or…any fountain for that matter. 

It has just come to my attention today that I have coins a plenty ready for the tossing, but no fountain to toss! I have to add also that this did not distress me in any way until Daily Prompt decided to draw my attention to this fact so i’m not sure whether to say thank you, or why couldn’t you just leave my mind at ease on the whole fountain/coin tossing debacle? 

However, fear not fountain-less folk! For Write and Day isn’t here to simply point out the problems, but it is ready to point out the solutions. Now I don’t suggest just chucking coins around like a hooligan, we don’t want anyone getting hurt by unidentified flying currency, but I do suggest some quick fire substitutes to get those wishes a wishin’!

1. DIY Fountain – That’s right I’m talking bird bath, neighbours pool, bathtub, lake, river, ocean, sink, anything where you can squint your eyes, turn your head a little and voila! Trevi Fountain!

2. Rent A Movie – So, apart from the ancient tradition, one thing that made Trevi Fountain coin tossing such a phenomenon was the 1954 film “Three Coins in a Fountain”. So why not get straight to the source, and toss a few coins on that video, literally. (I do suggest having no one around or else throwing money onto a dvd might be a little odd to explain.)

3. Donate to Charity – Since 2010, worldwide charity Caritas has been sweeping out Trevi Fountain once a week, and putting the money thrown towards a good cause by helping those in need around the world. So, why not donate your wishing coins, make a wish, and help out those in need while doing it?

4. Go Celebrity Hunting – Two words, one name, Chris Fountain.

5.  Get into Calligraphy – I only suggest the calligraphy part for the post-wishing uses. What I am really suggesting is get a fountain pen, and toss some cents at it. 

So, I hope that this puts all of your minds at ease, knowing that until you finally get to the real deal Trevi, your can still go on wishing into those fountains.

P.S. Here’s the original post that drew my attention to this dilemma –