To Do List

1. Write a blog post

I am one of those people who write lists. Not every day. Not that often at all, but when I am really stressing out, I write a list of what I have to do. Let’s say that I might write a list once a week. I am a reoccurring list writer. I don’t know why I am trying to define how often I write lists.

Let’s just say that now and then I write a to-do list.

However, I have come to realise that my lists aren’t that practical. It might even be better to call them a ‘to-done’ list. I say this mainly for three reasons:

1. I have a tendency to put down things I have already done just so I can check them off.
2. I write down about 100 things, then as I come to realise I am never going to get those things done, start checking them off just because I know they won’t happen anyway.
3. I never really finish one of my lists. I seem to forget that I have made it and just do things as I remember them, and end up throwing out the list.

So, I think what we have established today is that I am possibly the most dedicated and equally worst to-do list writer on the planet.

I also just noticed that in my post about lists, I managed to have two lists. I think that’s quite a skill of my subconscious really. Or not….

No, it’s not.