Blog Log – The Fellowship of the Blog

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[AUTHORS NOTE 2016 – Well, safe to say time has well and truly taken its toll on the ol’ blog log since this update and this is quite outdated…take it all with a grain of salt and note that I’ve moved the hyperlinks to more fun locations in the absence of real content) 

Well give me a ring and call me Frodo, Blog Log is back baby! It feels like only yesterday we were all cringing at the terribly-wonderful Lord of the Rings/Hobbit references we have come to know and love about blog log, ahh the memories. Seriously though it’s been nearly six months since its last installment! Whaaaaaaaaat!

So what has happened to Write and Day in that six months? Well, we have now officially moved over to (WOOOHOOO! Check out that sweet domain name hey?!) which was a highly technical and way-too-computery process for anyone to handle, but hey got there in the end. And it is seriously exciting! I feel like a proud parent sending their child off to high-school – MY BABY’S ALL GROWN UP WITH IT’S OWN .COM!….too much? maybe.

Also, if you haven’t noticed already someone’s done a bit of fiddling with the banner… Anywho, while on the super-duper high-tech upgrading train, Write and Day is also on twitter! Shoot us a tweet @writeandday – I’m always finding some random fun fact-ish things on there to share with you guys (in 140 characters or less).

So yes, Write and Day is here just chugging away nicely, doing it’s own thing as per usual. Oh and before I forget! A big shoutout to all of the new followers who have jumped on the Write and Day bandwagon since the last blog log, for I would rather share one blog post with you than face all the Ages of this WordPress alone …okay, I’ll give Tolkein the credit for that one but welcome aboard nonetheless.


Blog Log – One Blog To Rule Them All

Yep, the Lord of the Rings references are still hanging around for this instalment of Blog Log. And I just know this one is going to be a beauty…let it begin!

Set off the confetti cannons, get the music on, and start the marching band because Write and Day has just ticked over 100 followers. That’s right, the big 1-0-0. We’ve officially hit the hundgy. Woohoo!

You my dearest reader are literally one of hundred intrepid blogging explorers who have been brave enough to stare this blog in the…err screen? and say “I’m going to follow you!”. And yes I know that one hundred people isn’t all that many in the bloggersphere, but one hundred people in real life? Whoa. I can’t even think about what one hundred people look like. I mean, that’s a lot of people. That’s not even a group of people, that’s a small army. Imagine if each of our hundred brought a friend, that would be…a slightly larger army.

We could become a flash mob. Or an angry mob. We could start a mexican wave. We could break the Guiness World Record for most people crammed into a Mini Cooper (yes, it’s a real thing – click here) So if anyone owns a Mini, let us know and we’ll get that ball rolling. We could be in a huge group hug. We could easily fill a double decker bus. We could book out a small aeroplane. We could book out an exceptionally large yoga class. If we all wrote ten pages each, we could write a 1000 page novel. We could book out one hundredth of Wembley Stadium (if my maths is correct).The point is, the possibilities of our hundred strong are endless really.

So a huge thank you to all hundred of you, and everyone else too, for jumping on the Write and Day bandwagon. It’s been a hoot so far, and I’m sure it will only continue to be as our small army of followers grows into that slightly larger army.


Blog Log – The Desolation of Topics

If you haven’t seen my first Blog Log check it out here

Well, here we are again, I welcome you all to Blog Log #2! I’m back for another update on what it’s like to be blogging and various undue Hobbit referencing (it seems to come with the territory). Last time Blog Log popped in, Write and Day was all but two weeks old, a little blog baby. As of today Write and Day is just over a month old….still a little blog baby. Nevertheless, I feel that my outlook on blogging has changed quite a bit in two weeks. In fact, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I found something…in the Goblin Tunnels. Alright, alright you caught me, Hobbit references stop here.

In Blog Log #1 I mentioned one of the things I was finding most difficult about blogging was thinking of topics to write about. However, I have to say that the desolate state of topic ideas has ended. That is not to say that I have blog posts lined up on my computer waiting to be published, not at all. But I have just recently caught myself thinking every once in a while, maybe once a day, “Hey, that would make a pretty good blog post!”. Yes, I have shamelessly turned into one of those people who will suddenly get an idea and write it down wherever they are. My desk is slowly gathering various textiles with notes written on them; napkins, brochures, menus, those little cards you are supposed to spray perfume on in the shops, anything I can get my hands on when a lightbulb pops into my head.

I know what you are all thinking, “If you have so many ideas, why are you doing another Blog Log?”, well dear reader thank you for asking. I wanted to do another Blog Log now partly to update my complete reversal of blog idea numbers, and mostly for the poetic justice of it being exactly a month since Write and Day started. I know, I know I just can’t help myself.

So, a month of blogging down and I am still loving it. I am so very grateful for such a positive response to Write and Day and extremely humbled that people want to read what I have written. And I can only thank you for that (yes, you!). I should also add here that Blog Log probably won’t be appearing again for a while now. After all, I have a plethora of serviette-turned-notebooks to sift through.

But I will be getting to that later, for now I have a dragon to steal from…