Train Station Musings #1

To the lady sitting next to me at the train station,

I can tell what you are thinking about me. You’re probably thinking – what is that crazy person writing about me? I can assure you it’s nothing out of the ordinary. That’s a lie. It’s just a little out of the ordinary. It wouldn’t be if you hadn’t oddly decided to sit so close to me. I mean, you are far enough away not to be weird, but close enough to be…curious. It’s just considering the array of empty seats around us. I probably shouldn’t be jotting this down – I wouldn’t be surprised if you could read it.

Okay, so you could read it. I’m sorry for making you slide down the bench a little.

Can I just say that that scarf you are wearing is possibly the most fashionable thing I have ever seen? Okay, that’s a lie too. Maybe I’m just trying to make you feel better in case you can still read this. You must have very good eyesight, my handwriting is quite scrawly at the best of times, and from that previous distance whoa thats not bad.

Anyway, you shall forever be that person who I possibly offended a little in the train station. If you knew me, you would realise that certainly wasn’t my intention. I just tend to let my mind wander without realising it sometimes. And it’s an old habit to write about my minds wanderings (a habit I have turned into a blog actually – you should read it, I’ll probably end up posting this one).

Well you have taught me an important lesson anyway. Practice better handwriting. No I’m just kidding, the lesson is to not let my mind wander to the people around me when writing in a public place.

For the sake of any further embarrassment to me I really hope you don’t get on my train. With my luck you would turn out to be my neighbour or something.

Kind Regards,

Write and Day