Welcome to 2015!


“A pretty shitty welcome considering we are actually 26 days into this year already” I hear you say. Well, we all know that I don’t really like to play by the blogging rules, and New Years Day welcome posts are just a little overrated don’t we agree? Anyways, it takes me at least 26 days into January to stop writing the wrong year on everything anyway.

(May I just say we’re not really off to a great start considering the third word I have typed for this entire year is “shitty”).

Moving on.

So here we are in the Year of the Goat, the International Year of Light, and this the 2015th year of the Common Era AD. What this year has in store for us all, only Marty McFly knows. Yes, unless you have managed to completely escape social media over the last 26 days you would have realised that this is the year Marty and Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future II. And being a great 80’s fan, as you all know, (My Aha Moment) I find this fact probably a little too entertaining.

And although we don’t yet have badass self-tying Nike trainers, it is surprising the number of predictions that are spot-on for this year. Keeping in mind the film was made 26 years ago (26 eh? eh? Weve come full circle now haven’t we? Did you really doubt me? Course not).

Yep, were talking wall mounted flatscreens, wearable technology, biometrics, video phone calls and hands-free gaming. All of which have made it’s way into the future (now present) in one way or another. Pretty cool huh?

Although I’m just a little devastated we don’t get around on hover boards yet. Great Scott! We’ve only got 339 days left to make it happen. I know what my resolution is…

Anywho, I do hope you have had a wonderful year so far (all 26 days of it) and it only continues to get better. Here’s to the new-ish year!


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