Blog Log – One Blog To Rule Them All

Yep, the Lord of the Rings references are still hanging around for this instalment of Blog Log. And I just know this one is going to be a beauty…let it begin!

Set off the confetti cannons, get the music on, and start the marching band because Write and Day has just ticked over 100 followers. That’s right, the big 1-0-0. We’ve officially hit the hundgy. Woohoo!

You my dearest reader are literally one of hundred intrepid blogging explorers who have been brave enough to stare this blog in the…err screen? and say “I’m going to follow you!”. And yes I know that one hundred people isn’t all that many in the bloggersphere, but one hundred people in real life? Whoa. I can’t even think about what one hundred people look like. I mean, that’s a lot of people. That’s not even a group of people, that’s a small army. Imagine if each of our hundred brought a friend, that would be…a slightly larger army.

We could become a flash mob. Or an angry mob. We could start a mexican wave. We could break the Guiness World Record for most people crammed into a Mini Cooper (yes, it’s a real thing – click here) So if anyone owns a Mini, let us know and we’ll get that ball rolling. We could be in a huge group hug. We could easily fill a double decker bus. We could book out a small aeroplane. We could book out an exceptionally large yoga class. If we all wrote ten pages each, we could write a 1000 page novel. We could book out one hundredth of Wembley Stadium (if my maths is correct).The point is, the possibilities of our hundred strong are endless really.

So a huge thank you to all hundred of you, and everyone else too, for jumping on the Write and Day bandwagon. It’s been a hoot so far, and I’m sure it will only continue to be as our small army of followers grows into that slightly larger army.




I certainly have a tendency of stumbling across great treasures when scrolling around the internet looking for bloggy inspiration (and it seems you do too considering you are here…eh? eh?… Sorry). And not to exaggerate but what I am about to reveal to you is possibly the best website ever created in the history of “www.” You might have already guessed it if you picked up on the quote as the title of this post, but if you didn’t, and are still a bit confused wondering who on Earth Max is, then I will spill the beans. It is none other than…(insert drumroll)…the Jim Carrey Official Website.


Now you might be thinking, come on Write and Day you can surely do better than that. But believe me when I say, you are in for the ride of your life.

From the Grinch toasters, to singing snails and dancing moose, clicking around on this website is the most bizarre experience. And it has quickly become both my most and least favourite website (other than the one you are reading this on of course). My favourite because it’s just legendary. My least favourite because it’s just a little, how do I put this, unsettling? It’s like when you see someone running through a busy city street and at first you’re thinking “Wahoo you go guy!” but your next thought is, “Wait, what are you running from…should I be worried?”. I’m not sure if that really describes it but nevertheless I have spent far too long fiddling around on there (Click on the hot air balloon).

Heaps of fun. A little odd. I love it. Way to go Jim.

Check it out for yourself –

P.S. Max is the pet dog. Just in case you still needed that cleared up.


On Procrastinating


There are many different forms of procrastination, all highly effective in the art of putting off doing something instead of actually doing it. I have compiled an extensive list for your convenience below – 

PROCRASTIBAKING – Baking something instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTICLEANING – Cleaning everything (twice) instead of dong what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTIFREAKING – Panicking about all the things you should be doing while at the same time not doing them

PROCRASTILISTING – Making lists of what you have to do instead of doing them

PROCRASTISLEEPING – Naps are important for keeping the mind active…and not doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTISNACKING – Eating something because you need fuel to be doing what you are supposed to be doing instead of actually doing it

PROCRASTIRUNNING – Because going for a jog will help to clear your head and prepare you to do what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTISHARING – Taking a photo of yourself pretending to do what you are supposed to be doing and posting it online in an effort to make other people think you are actually doing it

PROCRASTISCROLLING – Scrolling through your social media instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing (are most likely coming across evidence of procrastisharing, see above)

PROCRASTIWATCHING – Watching that one last episode instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTIBLOGGING – Blogging about something instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing (Example A….this post)

PROCRASTIREADING – Reading this blog post instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing

PROCRASTITHONNING – Doing all of these things in a marathon type fashion, instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing