Questions and Dancers


In the words of The Killers – Are we human or are we dancer?

The Write and Day answer – Dancer. Although I have to admit, some are better than others.

But who would I consider the greatest dancer ever? Of all time? Well I would probably have to go with…Pineapple Guy. No, no I’m just joking, although his dancing was legendary. I would really have to go with…(insert drumroll here)

Ellen DeGeneres.

I mean, Ellen practically dances for a living. And you know what I say to that? You go girlfriend. Everyday without fail, Ellen dances up and down those rows of her audience like it’s nobody’s business.

And I call her the greatest dancer ever, but not because she is the greatest dancer ever (Huh?). What I mean is, she’s not throwing in triple backflips, or pirouettes, or any cutting edge moves. No, Ellen represents everyone out there who isn’t the best dancer in the world, but rocks it anyway. Ellen is busting the robot, the lawnmower, the running man (I could go on), all without a care in the world.

And it doesn’t stop there, oh no it doesn’t. Ellen dances. Her audience dances. Her guests dance. Her staff dance. She even does dance dares. She is Ellen Dance-Generes.

P.S. I saw this video and just had to include it here.


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