15 MORE Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

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  1. Ringing someone’s Home phone and asking “Are you home?”
  2. Plotting how you would go about committing a certain crime you would never ever commit in real life 
  3. Getting unnaturally nervous around police even though you have nothing to hide
  4. Not replying to a text, then eventually sending something hours later and saying ‘I didn’t realise my text didn’t send!’
  5. Listening to music on public transport and being paranoid that your headphones aren’t plugged in and really everyone can hear it
  6. Taking a peek above your 3D glasses at the cinemas just to see the difference
  7. Saying goodbye to someone then realising you are walking in the same direction
  8. Looking everywhere for your hat or glasses before realising you are already wearing them
  9. Running away when you press a toy in a store and it starts singing
  10. Being paranoid about losing your boarding pass in the 100m from security to the gate
  11. Not hearing what someone says, so just laughing and hoping it wasn’t a question
  12. Checking to see if the oven has heated up and realising you never turned it on in the first place
  13. Saying a word over and over again and suddenly realising it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore
  14. Never starting off the applaud at the end of a speech because you are afraid no one else will join in
  15. Starting off an applaud at the end of a speech and secretly being really proud of it



2 thoughts on “15 MORE Things You Didn’t Realise Everyone Else Does Too

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  2. Minus 3 on this list!
    #1 – I’m the only person I know who still has a house phone. Oh, and my grandparents.
    #5 – I don’t care if everyone can hear it. If I don’t have my headphones, I play it anyway.
    #9 – I stay because I always want to know what it’s going to do, but then it gets super loud and annoying and I can’t get it to stop, to THEN I run away.

    I will say that #13 is a serious problem with me. I do it almost every day. I either say or spell a certain word so often that I convince myself I’m saying/spelling it wrong (or even that I made it up), and googling it several times to make sure. =]

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