Dedicated to Pineapple Guy

Oh Pineapple Guy. We have only known each other for a few short hours. In fact, we don’t know each other at all. I mean, we have never spoken and we will probably never cross paths again in our lifetimes. Who knew that while I was idly waiting for my train this morning, I was about to experience the equally most entertaining and memorable train ride ever.

All the passengers boarded as the train pulled into the station, just like any other day.

I am so glad you managed to jump through those closing doors at the very last second. That was the first moment I spotted your miraculously bright pineapple patterned shirt, epically long beard and hipster sunglasses. You of course didn’t notice me (or anyone really) as you strutted through the train carriage and sat a few rows ahead. All I could see was the back of your head, the collar of your pineapple shirt, and the headphones you graced so coolly. 

You sat down, and at that moment I realised this was going to be the possibly best train ride of my life as your groovy beats echoed past your headphones and amongst the rest of the train passengers. I don’t know how loud you had that music, but I’m glad you did because that was an instant party. No lyrics, just rockin’ techno tunes. I was smiling from ear to ear, that business fellow trying to finish some report wasn’t, but nevertheless I appreciated the added fun to an otherwise dull travel method.

The moment you made my day was when you seemingly released your inhibitions and started to head-nod, and just generally groove to those beats you were blasting through the train. What a party. You were breaking out those moves like it was nobody’s business. I don’t know if you have heard the saying ‘Dance like no one’s watching’, but you certainly were. And I was loving it. Anyway I did chuckle when we got off on the same stop, and as you strutted into the distance to the beat of the music I thought to myself ‘Goodbye forever Pineapple Guy, keep dancing to that party music”. Little did I know we would meet again so soon. 

Hours later I literally stopped in my tracks when I walked onto my platform to go home and you were sitting there, head-nodding to that same dance-y sound. I probably looked completely out of my mind to anyone unaware, but as I stood in complete shock, on the inside I was yelling “Oh my God! Its Pineapple Guy!”. What are the odds hey? Anyway disappointingly you sat in a different carriage on the way home, but I was still in amazement about seeing you partying out again when I thought we had parted our ways forever.

So to you Pineapple Guy I say; keep on rocking to those funky tunes because you certainly made my day. Hopefully we meet again someday, you absolute legend. 


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