Would You Fly In A Glass-Bottomed Plane?



Initial thoughts…no freaking way. 

I have copied those pictures from a 2013 Virgin Atlantic post – an announcement releasing the first ever glass-bottom Airbus A320 flying domestically within the UK.

I don’t often fly, and it’s only been over the last few years that I have started to (almost) enjoy flying. And when I say ‘enjoy’ I mean ‘not grip the armrests for dear life on take off’. So you can understand my apprehension at being able to see the tarmac fall away under you as you jet 35,000 feet or so into the thin air. 

As I thought about this over the next few minutes, the more I realised that I probably would go on that plane. But there is no way in hell I would be getting up to walk down the aisle. That would just be terrifying. But a short, no need to stand up, flight? Yeah why not.

By this point in my thought process I had truly convinced myself that this was a grand innovation in air travel, and someday I would travel in it. However, I decided to do a little more research into this  to see when this masterstroke would be in the skies. 

So you can understand my dismay when I found out it was a Virgin Atlantic April Fools joke. 

Initial thoughts…how could you do this to me Richard?! 

Clearly I was more on board (get it?) with this idea than I had realised, because I was sufficiently devastated. I had lived with this idea for no more than fifteen minutes, and my trust in the Internet was completey crushed (because clearly you should believe anything you read on the internet as a totally factual account of everything, ever, especially on April 1st). I think I was more upset about this fake glass bottomed plane than when I read that study saying both Jack and Rose could’ve actually fitted on the driftwood. I could practically hear Celine singing in the background, as tears rolled down my cheeks. 

Okay there weren’t any tears, I do have a life. 

But of course I realise now that logistically it wouldn’t work. Where would you put the luggage hull etc etc.

But the idea of it makes you think doesn’t it? What could be next? A completely ‘glass’ aeroplane, like the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Wow, that would be insane. Even Willy Wonka wouldn’t be booking that flight I don’t think. 

(Read the Virgin Atlantic post here)



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