Where’s Waldo – A Write and Day Challenge


Today dear readers I set you a challenge, a challenge of cleverness, elusion, and beautifully striped sweaters.

Imagine this…

You are Waldo, from the classic children’s books ‘Where’s Waldo’ and there is someone using a completely live ‘Google Earth’ technology (or something of the like) to look for you. You can go anywhere, do anything and note that money isn’t an issue. Where would you hide? (Keep in mind you are wearing that perfectly subtle fashion masterpiece of red and white).

I am going to admit I have been thinking about this for far too long, but I believe I have finally come up with an answer….an elaborate plan if you will.

As Edgar Allan Poe once suggested, the best place to hide is in plain sight. So, I have decided to run with that thought and say I would wander around in the middle of an open field.  I know what you’re thinking….that’s possibly the worst plan ever. But you haven’t heard the most important detail. Before I stood in the field, I would hire thousands of other people to dress exactly like Waldo too, and wander aimlessly in the field with me. An army of Waldo’s! Aha! It would be a matter of finding a needle in a perfectly striped haystack.

A masterstroke, yes? Nevertheless I gladly pass the challenge on to you dearest reader, where would you hide? It may seem like a completely pointless exercise but alas you never know when you will have to become a Waldo master of disguise…

Probably never.

P.S. I saw the ‘Can’t Get It Out Of My Head’ Daily Post and thought, ‘Why yes, there is something I can’t get out of my head lately’ which ultimately inspired this post. You can see the original daily post here


4 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo – A Write and Day Challenge

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