The Coffee Shop Dream


I have always wanted to be one of those intriguing coffee shop people. You know, those people that walk into a cosy cafe, stroll to the counter and order ‘the usual’. Before the person behind the counter nods, and the regular goes and sits in the same darkened nook for hours on end writing in a notebook, or perfectly drawing in a sketchbook. And everyone knows that they are probably writing/drawing something about uncovering life’s deepest mysteries.You all know what I’m talking about don’t you? Never speaking, just looking all together…wise.

However, there are a few factors which are preventing me realising my dream (if I can call it a dream?). Firstly, I don’t really drink coffee which is perhaps the largest downfall when entering a coffee shop. Secondly, I don’t go to coffee shops often enough, or routinely enough to be recognised, let alone my order considered a ‘usual’. Finally, of the two options I would definitely write while sitting in my usual nook. However, I generally have to be in a quiet sort of place, just me and my thoughts, to write anything of value so I would probably only end up with a couple of lines after an hour or so. Also, I always find myself being an unintentional ‘people-watcher’, just watching strangers going about their own days and wondering what they might be doing, where they are going etc.

So, I think we can all summarise this and say I will never be one of those intriguing cafe people. I would probably just end up looking like a creepy person in the corner of the cafe, drinking an orange juice and weirdly staring at people as they walk by, perhaps occasionally jotting something down in a notebook. Now that I think about it, people would probably think I was writing down notes about them not musing the mysteries of life…

I think I need to find a new dream.



3 thoughts on “The Coffee Shop Dream

  1. I used to feel similarly. For some reason, I just never struck the baristas as memorable enough to call me a regular or memorize my drink which I bought often enough to be considered “the usual.” Don’t give up. For the rest of us, keep trying and maybe they’ll recognize you! Great post!

  2. The expense of being a ‘usual!’ It’s a second mortgage. When you own the title, really own it, it’s like that Roman adage. When you have a tiger a tiger owns a human. The daily grind of spooning over bills to pay for fashionable recognition owns you. I know from experience. It can be like paying for a second car. Unless the place has free refills, which so few do, I cannot recall the totals that ran out of my wallet. I refuse to.

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