Blog Log – The Desolation of Topics

If you haven’t seen my first Blog Log check it out here

Well, here we are again, I welcome you all to Blog Log #2! I’m back for another update on what it’s like to be blogging and various undue Hobbit referencing (it seems to come with the territory). Last time Blog Log popped in, Write and Day was all but two weeks old, a little blog baby. As of today Write and Day is just over a month old….still a little blog baby. Nevertheless, I feel that my outlook on blogging has changed quite a bit in two weeks. In fact, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I found something…in the Goblin Tunnels. Alright, alright you caught me, Hobbit references stop here.

In Blog Log #1 I mentioned one of the things I was finding most difficult about blogging was thinking of topics to write about. However, I have to say that the desolate state of topic ideas has ended. That is not to say that I have blog posts lined up on my computer waiting to be published, not at all. But I have just recently caught myself thinking every once in a while, maybe once a day, “Hey, that would make a pretty good blog post!”. Yes, I have shamelessly turned into one of those people who will suddenly get an idea and write it down wherever they are. My desk is slowly gathering various textiles with notes written on them; napkins, brochures, menus, those little cards you are supposed to spray perfume on in the shops, anything I can get my hands on when a lightbulb pops into my head.

I know what you are all thinking, “If you have so many ideas, why are you doing another Blog Log?”, well dear reader thank you for asking. I wanted to do another Blog Log now partly to update my complete reversal of blog idea numbers, and mostly for the poetic justice of it being exactly a month since Write and Day started. I know, I know I just can’t help myself.

So, a month of blogging down and I am still loving it. I am so very grateful for such a positive response to Write and Day and extremely humbled that people want to read what I have written. And I can only thank you for that (yes, you!). I should also add here that Blog Log probably won’t be appearing again for a while now. After all, I have a plethora of serviette-turned-notebooks to sift through.

But I will be getting to that later, for now I have a dragon to steal from…



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