Blog Log – An Unexpected Topic

I just realised that the title of this post makes it seem like a ‘Hobbit’ review or something. So I apologise to those who have been misled by my less than average titling skills. I must also add that the Hobbit referencing stops here, so for all of those Lord of the Rings fans, it’s from this point that, ’You shall not pass!”

Well after all of that I have almost forgotten what I was going to write about. Oh that’s right, welcome to Blog Log #1. So, I have now been blogging for a grand total of two weeks. Yes, I know what everyone is thinking…what a fantastic achievement! No, I am just joking, I do realise that two weeks isn’t very long at all in the blogger-sphere. But to be fair, it is two weeks longer than I have ever blogged before. So, I thought what a perfectly ceremonious occasion to write about my experience so far, and to sum it up in a few words…

It’s very difficult but very rewarding.

Now the difficult part about it is finding things to write about. It seems that getting those writing juices flowing just isn’t as easy coming as I had originally thought. I know,  it’s kind of sad that I have only been writing on here for two weeks, and already I have resorted to writing about what it is like to think about what to write about (Huh?). At this point I have to justify my title, because it is unexpected that I have gotten to this point already. However, I am always striving to live up to Write and Day’s tagline, “just a blog, but a bloody good one”, and I am determined not to give up quality for quantity.

However, in saying all of this, Write and Day has already been an extremely rewarding experience. Writing posts, and seeing that people are interested in reading them, is so exciting. But more than that, seeing that people are wanting to read what I have written, and are sticking around to see what else I am going to write, is very humbling.

So, two weeks in and all is well. And don’t worry, I am not out of posts just yet, I do have a few things in store over the next few weeks! So hopefully, you and I won’t be seeing Blog Log for a while yet.

For now, I am going on an adventure!  Thanks again, Bilbo.



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