The Stars Set to Shine on Oscars Night

So far 2014 had been quite a Cruise, but now March is upon us and I think we all know Watson. Yes, that’s right the Academy Awards are extremely De Niro, in fact they are just a Stone’s throw away! And I don’t think I’m being too DeGeneres when I say that we all love awards season!

Alright I’ve had my fun.

Indeed the 86th Annual Academy Awards are on our doorstep! In fact they  are so close that you are probably watching it on your television screens as I am posting this. But alas, it’s never too late to get into the Oscars spirit!

Right now celebs from around the globe have gathered to acknowledge those in the business who, just like those prized little golden men, have outshone the rest over the past year. And from wolves hitting up Wall St, to exploring Middle Earth, to trying to get back to Earth, what a year in film it has been! As I’m sure you have just become aware, I do love a good movie or two, and the culmination of the best of the best films for 2013, in one place, for just one night, is pretty exciting if you ask me.  

Anyway, I better finish this up before the orchestra starts fading me out…

So yes, my eyes will be on the tv to-Knightley as the stars start Walken down that famous red carpet. I wonder who will Carrey home the gold? Okay, now I’m finished.


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