Welcome to Write and Day!

Well, here we are. I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure what I should write about, considering I have made this blog quite spontaneously.   Well, let’s say completely spontaneously. However, I have noticed that a lot of people have come to the inception of their own blogs in an incredibly similar way. Perhaps it is our subconscious simply deciding that now is the moment for action? Who knows.

Anyway, I feel like I should start by explaining to some degree the quintessential purpose of this blog. It is simply, to write. To write about anything, everything, and all of the things in between. And perhaps it is a little presumptuous to tagline my new creation with the words “A bloody good one”, because I am completely aware that that fact is for you, dear reader, to decide and not me. Fair enough, but I’m still not going to change it, I think it has a certain ring to it. In any case it highlights my wish for this space, to be simply, a bloody good blog. I’m sure if I had put “Just a blog” none of you would bother reading this. But “A bloody good blog” Whoa! Put the kettle on Marge, I’m reading this blog start to finish! Well, that’s the hope anyway.

So place your seat in the upright position, and put up your tray because you and I are on a journey to discover this blog and where it takes both of us. Destination: Unknown.

And finally, to start off in a seemingly unceremonious fashion….Let the blogging begin!


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